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Vivid Floral Paintings in Acrylic

Come take a walk in my garden!  Almost all the pictures I have painted are from my own garden or the gardens of friends and neighbors.  I like to get out early in the morning with my camera to get the most interesting lighting.  My particular specialty is capturing the light as it filters through the petals of the flowers.  This results in brilliant colors and deep shadows.

I find these brilliant colors cheering.  Jay deSibou, president of the Color Marketing Group, says that "…people want to renew and refresh, so colors are becoming cleaner and brighter.…That means more bright red, cobalt blue and warm yellow".

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Seven.jpg (77913 bytes)

Peach Rose

April Sunshine.jpg (58145 bytes)

Orange Tulips.jpg (73715 bytes)

Pensees 2.jpg (63595 bytes)

Plenty o' Petunias.jpg (74416 bytes)

Rhodies.jpg (75978 bytes)

gold daylily.jpg (73153 bytes)

Seville Window.jpg (80296 bytes)

blue primrose.jpg (72074 bytes)

purple petunias.jpg (69794 bytes)

hydrangea.jpg (93110 bytes)

lily of the incas.jpg (86742 bytes)

pensees.jpg (64875 bytes)

Peach Passion

violet orchid.jpg (43968 bytes)

Red Red Rose

White Waterlily

Moth Orchid

Yellow Waterlily

Daffodil Drill

White Dogwood

Lotus - Waterlily

Dr. Bob's Orchids


Sunshine Sue

White Lady



Pink Dogwood


 Tall Lotus

Lavender Lace

Lavender Waterlily

Deep Purple

Spring Breeze

Angels Trumpet

Sandra’s Pansies II


Caladiums 2


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